Façade finish in blue Belgian limestone: Belstone

In addition to the E-Brick panels with brick slips we also offer ready-to-use insulating panels with Belgian blue limestone. These blue limestone panels were given the name Belstone. They are always divided into 4 pieces of blue limestone with a width of 334 mm and are separated by a joint of 10 mm. The screws are fastened into the joints to mount the panels. The Belstone sizes are slightly different from the standard E-Brick panels. You have a choice of 2 sizes: 1375 x 688 mm or 1375 x 344 mm.

The price of Belstone panels is available on request.
Take a look at the references that have used Belstone blue Belgian limestone as a finish

The blue limestone comes from the famous quarries of Carrières du Hainaut. You can choose from the following finishes:

Blauwe hardsteen licht gezoet        

Light smoothed (thickness 1.5 cm) Dark smoothed (thickness 1.5 cm) Sanded (thickness 1.5 cm)



Eno design (thickness 2 cm)     Fine bushhammered finish (thickness 2 cm)

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